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Best Houston Strip Clubs

Our recent travels have brought us to the great state of Texas where we discovered how deep the culture of exotic dance clubs is. Since we have a bit of expensive taste we only enjoy the most snobbiest of strip clubs. With this in mind we visited one of the best Houston strip clubs for women and wine and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The owners of the club did not know that we were with Wine Int so we were treated like normal guest when it came to our over all experience. There was nothing to not enjoy about this strip club as all of our expectations for a ritzy strip club went out the window as we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves forgetting that we were there to review the place.

Choosing the Best Houston Strip Club

Joy of Houston isĀ one of those strip clubs that take the ambiance into consideration when they created the place as it is adorned with some of the nicest figures and statues that make the place feel like a kings palace. Every man wants to be a king after all right? The exotic dancers make you feel that way. From the time we entered the doors until we took our seats was a treat. We were only in town for a brief minute as our transferring flight was 6 hours later. We decided to give Joy a try by searching google for the best Houston strip club. This one was recommended by a few people and was close enough to the airport that we could go and come back relatively quickly.

Our Short Time In Houston

While our time in Houston was brief we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly thanks to one of the best strip clubs we have visited in a long time. Houston was always a fly over town that we only visited when we had a layover. Boy were we wrong. Houston is now the destination for us to review a few other places that showed up when we searched for the best strip clubs. Until next time Houston, thanks for the memories.

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